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Training is one of the biggest reasons I am where I am professionally today. It’s important for me to continue to learn, grow, and take care of my body. I want to help you be able to achieve whatever dreams and goals you have set for yourself. That’s why I offer dance, movement and fitness training.

Whether you are a dancer who wants to refine their skills, a singer who needs to work on movement to wow casting in a callback, or someone who needs to up their fitness game, I can tailor a class just for you or your studio!

Masterclasses or Private Sessions

Jazz  /  Tap  /  Hip Hop  /  Jazz Funk

Contemporary  /  Musical Theatre

Fitness Classes

Specializing in Barre and Pilates

Movement for Singers

We’ll tailor this class specifically to your needs. For example, do you have to hold a mic while doing choreography? Do you need to be able to nail your callback but you feel like you’re a “singer who can move”, and we need to build up those dance skills? Whatever it is, we got this!

*All classes are happily provided over Zoom, Google Chat, or any video conferencing platform of your choice! *


NYC Based Performer

“She is so encouraging and honest, whether it's breaking down the technique or adding in personal flair, you know you can trust her instruction and feedback!”

Let's set up a class!

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